Driver Qualification File Management Services


Companies that utilize interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to maintain FMCSA Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) and Driver History Files. Also many states have adopted the federal regulations which apply to their commercial motor vehicle intrastate drivers and require DQFs.

Keeping track of paper files with expiring documents is a difficult and time-consuming process that could leave your company without compliant drivers when you need them most. Why not outsource this function to Concorde? With Concorde’s Sparc ® system you can view driver files at any time and audit your company right from your desk.

Concorde’s Sparc ® System

Concorde’s Sparc driver qualification file management system stores and tracks all of the documents in a driver’s DQF. Through our proprietary web-based software, Sparc ® you can create documents electronically,  store and view documents in any of your drivers’ files, as well as receive Sparc ® email reminders when a file is incomplete or a document is about to expire. Concorde uses comprehensive imaging system for the entire DQF to help our clients manage the process seamlessly.

All of the documents stored in Sparc ® are available for employers to view on a secure online server, are password protected, and updated in real-time.

A standard DQF contains:

  • Application for Employment
  • Certificate of Road Test
  • Driver’s Annual Certificate of Violations
  • Driver’s License
  • Investigations of Prior Employment
  • Annual Motor Vehicle Record & Initial MVR
  • Medical Examination Certificate
  • Supervisor Annual Review

The Concorde Sparc ® Advantage

Concorde’s Sparc ® system allows for customization for companies looking to incorporate additional documents into a driver’s file. If you have a company or job-specific document that is not standard in a DQF, we wil be more than happy to include that document in the Sparc ® system.