Employee Background Screening has become a critical component of the hiring process for almost every major company.

To help Human Resource Managers meet their deadlines, Concorde routinely completes a full service pre-employment investigation within 72 hours. However, Concorde does employ a rigorous quality control system that sometimes delays the reporting of results to ensure our clients are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Online Software

Concorde offers AppCheck; a unique, web-based application for ordering, tracking, and receiving background check data.

Employee Screening Packages

Concorde’s web-based Employee Screening Software allows companies to create customized service packages for specific job categories. Each service package incorporates a customized mix of Concorde’s background searches (listed below) based on the standards of the job function.

  • Basic Applicant Screen
  • DOT/FMCSA Driver Screen
  • Management Screen
  • Administration Screen

Individual Employee Screening Searches

Concorde offers a comprehensive list of screening services that will enable your company to mitigate the risk of negligent hiring.

Criminal Searches

Contrary to popular belief, a single national criminal database does not exist. Therefore, Concorde offers four levels of criminal searches based on the level of investigation a client is looking to obtain:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional
  • Federal
  • State
  • County

Each level of criminal search has specific advantages and limitations that companies should be aware of before putting a package together.

Address and Social Security Number Trace

Concorde’s address and social security search will provide all names and addresses associated with a social security number.

Employment Verification

As a tool to help you hire an efficient and dependable workforce, the prior Employment History search allows companies to transfer the time consuming process of calling references from your Human Resources Department to Concorde.

Professional Reference Interview

Concorde performs three levels of Reference Interviews:

  • Executive
  • Management
  • Associate

These interviews provide you with the tools to make better hiring decisions without causing more strain on your Human Resources Department.

Education and Credential Verification

Many job positions require the employee to have specific education degrees and/or professional credentials of the employee. Without verification, a company could face very serious legal issues.

Motor Vehicle Record

Whether your company has regulated drivers or has employees who drive on company time, a state Motor Vehicle Record search is essential to protecting your company from liability and high insurance rates.